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Alberton Wind Farm

Project Summary

Location: Wellington Shire, Victoria

Stage: Permitting

Possible Size: 34 Turbines

The Alberton Wind Farm site lies on privately owned land wholly within the Wellington Shire, Victoria.

The site was identified in 2008 by approach from interested landowners, however, due to lack of policy support for renewables, the project did not proceed further until 2014.

The project is currently under development with a Planning Permit having been submitted with the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning in September 2017.


A Meteorological Mast of 80m was on site for fourteen months to January 2016 to confirm the wind resource.

Project Layout

The Project provides for a maximum development footprint of:
  • 34 turbines with a maximum rotational diameter of 140 meters, tip height of 200 metres;
  • Turbine hardstands
  • Use of existing and new access tracks
  • Underground and some overhead power cabling; and
  • A temporary works compound.
The Project is expected to generate 460 gigawatt hours of clean energy per year, enough for approximately 45,000 Victorian households, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 390,000 tonnes annually.
The Project has the potential to create around 115 jobs in the construction phase and 12 ongoing roles throughout its 20-30 year operation.
Once operational, a Community Fund of $80,000 per year will be set up that will support local community groups and events."
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Stakeholder Consultation

EES Referral: After extensive pre-referral consultation, the Plan for the Alberton Wind Farm was formally referred to the Victorian State Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 20 November, 2017 to assess the need for an EES under the Environment Effects Act 1978. The submission can be viewed at:

EPBC Referral: The plan for the Alberton Wind Farm was referred to the Federal Department of Environment and Energy for review on 23 December 2016. A decision was received on 29 March 2017 that the proposed action was deemed a "controlled action". The matters of national significance raised by the decision have been responded to and submitted with the EES Referral to the Victorian State Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The assessment approach required by the Commonwealth will be informed by the results of the State based EES Referral.
You can download a copy of the decision here.

Community Consultation: Thank you to everyone who attended the public display of project information at the Yarram Hub, August 21 -25 or the drop in day which was held on Friday, 25 August. The fact sheet provided is available here.

As advised on the feedback form, the feedback provided will be submitted in summary form with the Planning Application when it is submitted. If you provided contact details, you will receive our response via post.
As a number of questions or concerns came up multiple times we have decided to publish a Q&A section below in case other people are interested in the same information."

Please click here to see the Q&A Section.

On 2 June 2017, the Alberton Wind Farm project was presented at the LaTrobe Valley Authority New Energy Round Table event in Churchill. It was a great event with all levels of government represented, industry groups, businesses and service providers and project proponents. We invite any local businesses who would be interested in tendering for work on the wind farm should planning approval be received to register with us by sending a statement of capability via our Contact Us page.

Community Fund

Should the Alberton Wind Farm receive approval and go ahead, a Community Fund will be established for the project to contribute to the community in an ongoing and meaningful way during its operation. How would this work?
  • each year projects, events or causes would be suggested by residents for funding that would support the community socially, environmentally or economically
  • a committee of local volunteers would be established to decide which of the suggested projects, events or causes should receive funding
  • the funds set aside each year by the Alberton Wind Farm would be allocated to those projects, events or causes
The Alberton Wind Farm would provide administrative support to the Community Fund but all decisions would be made by the people of the Wellington Shire.

If you have any questions or feedback please Contact us


Planning Application: the Planning application for the Alberton Wind Farm was formally submitted to the Victorian State Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 15 September 2017 and is currently awaiting the results of the EES Referral before progressing through the Planning Application Process.

Once the results of the EES Referral are known and further information is submitted to the Planning Department, the project will be advertised for public comment. The notice will be sent to all properties registered within 5km of the proposed project area with the planning application documents being made available via the DELWP website and public display. Submissions from interested parties can be made at that time.