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Developing a Project

Wind & Solar Atlas
Land Topography
Planning Regulations
Local Council
Community Groups
Landowner Interest
Option to lease agreements with existing landowners
Purchase land
Flora & Fauna
Cultural Heritage
Wind measurement
Noise assessment
Visual impact assessment
Electrical Connection
Environmental Agencies
Planning Authorities
Lodge Development Application
Public Notice Period

As a developer, Synergy Wind is responsible for the first stage of project development, working to identify suitable locations, undertaking the steps required to bring a project to Development Approval.

Project Implementation

Finalise Project Budget Power Purchase Agreement / Offtaker Agreement Project Financing
Order Turbines Civil Works Erect Turbines
Plan connection with Grid Owner Build / Install Infrastructure Connect
Monitor Output Maintain Infrastructure Community Involvement
Project life is 20 - 25 years If conditions support, re-power with new technology If required, dismantle infrastructure and remediate

Once a project is progressed along the development path sufficiently, Synergy Wind identifies partners who can bring the project to completion and who can own and operate the completed project. Working alongside these partners to ensure that all issues and interests identified during the first stage are carried through, Synergy Wind assists through the construction phase and ensures that operations begin as predicted.